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I can't believe you don't have any goats left! But then again, if people keep on winning fiddle competitions and going to other music events, there's no way you can develop a homestead. Farming is a whole life, and a lot of work. I have two neat books right now I borrowed. One is Square Foot Gardening, which even Grace thinks is cool, and the other is Quarter Acre Farm, written by a hippie-type from Davis, CA, but much more entertaining than your average garden book. I hope the scaling back is going well. We have acquired a dog, an outdoor cat and five chickens this year, but that's where it ends, I tell you! :)

Terry Pearson

I grew up on a few acres and I will second your thoughts on living out in the country.

It is a dream of mine to one day move the wife and kids back out to the country where they would have plenty of space to play and enjoy life!

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