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Jeff Culbreath

I think the good bishop is more than a tad optimistic, but it's certainly worth praying for.

The Western Confucian

Along similar lines, Fr. Ladis Cizik's Our Lady and Islam: Heaven´s Peace Plan.

Jeff Culbreath

Good article, Joshua. I didn't know about the Guadalupe connection. Like I said, it's worth praying for, but in the meantime a threat is a threat, and we'd best keep the Muslims at a safe distance.


It exceeds optimistic. It is, indeed, exceedingly unrealistic that Marian devotion (to Muslims a priori shirk and bi'dah - idolatrous because drawing attention or reverence from Allah and innovation because not part of historical Islam) is going to convert all Muslims - or even many. Sunni Muslims? It is true - Mary is mentioned, they are aware of her and would certainly never defame her so far as they understand her or believe her to be. They even consider her a prophetess of kinds - by an accident of their self-styled definition of a prophet (receives a message or messages from an angel - usually, allegedly, Gabriel) coupled with the Annunciation narrative which the author of the Qu'ran included. But she is ultimately less than even peripheral; it is so even with the prophets (for Muslims - an incomplete and literally uncertain list, as Arabic name-forms leave room for argument as to whom it refers, with equally incomplete knowledge of them or their teaching, with others additionally made up). Sunni comes from - Sunnah. Muhammed and his conduct are central to them, followed by the companions (sahaba and salaf); their inherited implacable commitment to their conception of a single god (al-ilah) colours their entire perspective of all else. Marian devotion is not likely.

Shia Ithna Ashari? It centers upon the Ahlul Bayht (the family of Muhammed), the twelve imams and they have two women that eclipse Mary - Fatimah and Zaynab (or Zeinab).

Mosignor Sheen simply did not sufficiently appreciate the quality of the Muslim commitment to their concept of a single or solitary (mark well - I do not write "One") god (Allah - I give him a Latin capital like other demons; Mars, Apollo, Diana, Mithras) and to their historical sources of religious practice and doctrine outside of the Qu'ran itself - ahadith. Muslims must be either shown the falsehood of these (the Qu'ran and ahadith) or they must be told the Truth - He that came in the flesh to redeem mankind, to restore humanity to His Father and to conquer Satan, his angels, sin and death. Only the Gospel - it is so for all other pagans and heretics - can convert them; and unspeakably many shall spurn it. Muslims particularly. Few pagans are so inimical to the scandal of the Cross as they. All pagans are - stumbling-stone to the Jews, foolishness to the Gentiles - but Muslims especially. There are many poems in Arabic (quasidah) mocking the incarnation and crucifixion of Christ. Few Muslim authors have written of our religion without spitting like serpents about the Cross. A common word for us in their historical sources is Cross worshiper (coined by Abu Bakr in his instructions to Khalid ibn Wahlid in what to do with monks he came across in the invasion of Palestine and Syria).

I believe Islam shall be a major part of the end of time, as Semitic, violently anti-Christian monotheism expectant of a messiah - al-Mahdi (both Sunnis and Shia expect the Mahdi - though they disagree on his identity and ultimate purpose or aim). If not - it shall fail in time as all other demonic mockeries of the Christian religion. Perhaps naturally, like Mithraism or at the hands and under the feet of holy, apostolic men, vigorous and immovable - like all other forms of historical paganism.


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