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Lisa Gassin

Personally I am all for women covering their heads in church, although I admit I have gone through different phases of it myself. I get really frustrated at people who write off what St. Paul said as "culturally conditioned." The Apostle bases his directives about head coverings, and about women and men in general, on theology... if all his writing really represents is relative cultural standards, then I guess he was deceived as to the reasoning behind his thoughts... which has uncomfortable implications for how we related to Scripture.


I sang at two weddings this past Saturday. Wedding #1: Paris Hilton wannabe bride in a sleeveless gown with cleavage to the navel, bridesmaids in strapless red dresses that barely reached mid-thigh. Wedding #2: Bride dressed better--at least she wore sleeves and covered her shoulders, but her bridesmaids had on the same trashy dresses as at the first wedding.

To come before the Lord in Sacrament as the perfectly created equal to your husband, dressed like a doll? To dress your witnesses like dolls? What does that say about women, and what we understand about ourselves?


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When my family toured CA missions in the 60s, my protestant mother produced from her purse mantillas for my sister and I to wear. The standards were known and people were generally more inclined to respect such.

That respect is largely gone and would have to be restored. Along with that, we have to return to a better sense of womanhood.

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