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Peony Moss

I don't understand why some "conservatives" start frothing at the mouth if you so much as start rinsing out the jelly jar for the recycle bin. When did prudence and thrift cease to be conservative values?

My mother grew up on a farm and is no Gaia devotee. As soon as her town offered recycling, she was right there crushing cans and sorting plastics -- she doesn't want to be "wasteful." (She says the word "wasteful" with such disgust and disapproval; I wish I could do it justice.)

Jeff Culbreath

Your grandmother sounds exactly like my own Granny.

Dave Pawlak

I have always regretted the government takeover of recycling - killed private recycling centers and such fundraisers as paper drives for schools...


The Vatican has been installing solar panels to heat, cool and light all of its facilities; also, St. Peter's Bascilica has been using low-impact lighting since 1999, slashing their lighting costs by about 40%. When Pope Benedict XVI says, "the international community and national governments are responsible for sending the right signals in order to combat effectively the misuse of the environment," I believe that he's talking about leading by example, not by dictating policy.


Jeff -

Off topic, but somewhat related, I hope you will do a post sometime offering your thoughts about the Local Food Movement. Much like the environmental issues, the discussion is often dominated by (far) left-of-center viewpoints, but there are many elements of LFM that are complementary with our Faith.

Jim Curley

Jeff, My understanding of environmental issues has changed quite a bit since my move to the country. Part is based on sustainablility and part on simple economics. We live in the South with very mild winters and scorching summers. I plan this year to try to convert at least partially to solar hot water. I also hope (this is much more ambitious) to build a methane digester so as to get more use out of the tons of manure we generate-which we already put back in the soil. Sure, global warming and other issues are highly politicized and I am not qualified to assess the risk, but part of being stewards and subduing the earth is to use the gifts God has given us.

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