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Peony Moss

I'm going to have to start rotating my Mystic Monk click-throughs ("let's see, last orders were Anchoress and Shea, so now it's Culbreath's turn")

Bill White

Kirk: "It's as if a great ship had sunk, but a few trifles of flotsam had bubbled up from the hulk and were drifting on the surface of the great deep. Who wants this sea drift? Not the sharks. You and I are rowing about in a small boat, collecting the bits of debris." -- http://members.wolfram.com/billw/summa/cultural_debris.html

Jeff Culbreath

Thanks, Peony! Maybe I should switch to "Aquinas and More" instead? I don't want to cut in on anyone's business.

Bill - Indeed. Love those Kirkian metaphors.

Peony Moss

Please don't drop the Monks! Can you affiliate with both?

Jeff Culbreath

Sure, I can do that. 'Specially because you asked. :-) The top banner is now "Aquinas and More".

Roger Buck

Limited internet time is preventing me from doing much more than my own blog, along similar lines ...

But I need to find time for you.

There are some very meaningful things here indeed - Among a number of others I am glad to see a traditional American Catholic questioning American capitalism, promoting ecological awareness and questioning the very fate of the world ...

A very interesting mix indeed.

I will be back when I can ...

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